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Lenawee Paint excepts Credit Card

September 16, 2008

Lenawee Industrial Paint will begin excepting credit cards as an additional means  for customers to pay for their purchases.

demoJust another way and one of many improvements to our customer service and satisfaction program.

Current News:

Adding improved capabilities

September 6, 2010

Lenawee Industrial Paint Supply has added additional mixing equipment, expanding batch sizes and adding to our monthly volume capabilities. 

This additional equipment will allow us to expand our markets reaching farther throughout the Midwest region and south eastern Canada.

Recent Events:

Up grading our Manufacturing Software

January  6, 2010

Lenawee Paint has just purchased and implemented the latest state of the art Batch Manufacturing Software .

demoThis new software adds much to our abilities to product consistent quality as well as tracking of all raw material and batch information from start to finish


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Lenawee Paint

  • Manufactures all types of Paint products
  • Alkyds,
  • Latex Emulsion
  • lacquer
  • Urethanes single and 2 component
  • Epoxies conventional, water and 100% solids.
  • Along with many more
  • Toll Work and Custom product Mfg.

Customer Service

Instruction of proper painting techniques and tutorials .. learn the basics of painting.

Learn time saving tips and tricks directly from one of the industries leaders.

How to prevent trouble with your products finish.

Proper maintenance of your painting equipment.

















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